Standard Woodstain Specifications

Standard Woodstain Specifications.  There are four different designs of Knobbs beech standard woodstain door knobs – Atholl and Birnam are often found in houses built in the 1800’s.  The design of Caledonia is simpler and has probably been around since wood was first turned.  Dunsinane is a traditional shape of undetermined antiquity.  Most Victorian and Edwardian houses would originally have had wooden door knobs fitted.

All the knobs and roses are made from European Beech – a hard and tight grained timber that turns well and gives a good finish.  The metal spindles are threaded on one end and are made from standard 8mm key steel enabling them to be fitted to all or nearly all mortice and rimlocks.  The threaded end of the spindle screws into a threaded insert glued into one knob giving a very precise adjustment, it is locked with a grub screw.  The other end of the spindle is glued into the other knob.  This arrangement will accommodate door thicknesses of between 1.3/8″ (35mm) and 2.3/8″ (60mm).  We buy all our metalwork an engineering firm here in Wales.

Knobbs door knobs are hand sanded and coloured with water based stain – Natural, Light Oak, Medium Oak, Walnut, Dark Oak, Mahogany and Ebony.  The stained knob is then sprayed with a minimum of six coats of flooring grade, water based lacquer.  It is then smoothed with fine wire wool and wax polished to produce a deep lustre.  This finishing process gives the knob and rose an attractive and durable finish.  They are also available in sanded finish.


Due to the natural properties of wood some variation in the shading may occur.


Some doors are thicker than 2.3/8″ (60mm) and also older doors sometimes have rimlocks, in which case the combined thickness of the door plus rimlock will be more than 2.3/8″ (60mm).  In these circumstances please let us know the total thickness so that we can supply spindles of sufficient length.

*Our door knobs are not mass produced foreign imports – we make them here in our workshop in rural Pembrokeshire*