New working practices

As we start to emerge from the lockdown we want to let our customers know that when you purchase from us we will give your new door or cupboard knobs a clean with an antibacterial wipe before packing.  Please be assured that we observe good hygiene practices in the workshop and office.  Luckily we don’t have to be quite as vigilant at these guys, but we do take it seriously.

Bespoke 28

Exciting news today – we’re launching a brand new door knob!  Angela designed this one and it’s based on the Scandi look – quite minimalist and modern with beautiful simple lines that would suit any home.  This one has been turned in ash, a lovely creamy coloured timber and not one we’ve used much in the past.  It turns very well and we’ve added a touch of wax polish to bring out the grain and ensure it can be wiped over without causing any damage to the finish.  The dimensions are as follows – diameter 60mm, rose 60mm, projection 60mm.  Its now available in oak too and the price is £55.00 per set, suitable for mortice and rimlock doors.  Please click here to order.


We are now able to offer tubular latches (mortice locks) in our on-line shop for brand new doors or to replace old ones of course.  Sourced here in the UK these latches work perfectly with our door knobs.  They sit 102mm in from the edge of the door to avoid scraping knuckles on door frames.  They also have an 8mm follower (the square hole through which the spindle will pass) thus ensuring the door knobs don’t wobble.  You can order them along with your mortice door knobs in our on-line shop here.


New woodstain shades

How exciting, we’ve just taken delivery of some new Protek Royal Exterior wood finish in 3 brand new shades – Flamingo Pink, Giddy Green and Passionate Plum.  You might know Protek for their wood preservers and fence products, but we tried their interior and exterior products on our cupboard knobs and they’re fabulous.  Not only do they go on really well using our spray gun, but they’re water based, an ethos which fits in well here at Knobbs Hardware as we try to keep chemical use to a minimum.  After we’ve had a play we’ll show you some photos in the new shades.

Counting cupboard knobs

It so happens that counting cupboard knobs can be more difficult than first envisaged.  I’m not going to embarrass anyone or name names (although this does include me) customers often come back to us after ordering knobs for a kitchen to order one or two more.  I managed to miscount by 5 in my own kitchen which is pretty good going!  I don’t want to sound like I’m trying to get you to over order, but my suggestion is that you order one or two more to cover for this eventuality.  That way you’re not paying twice for postage and having a spare is no bad thing.  We’ve had several reports of dogs chewing cupboard knobs!

Knobbs Hardware Videos

Our first venture into the world of film!  To view the films go back to the news page, they are numbered 1-4.  We hope you enjoy them.  If you have any questions or comments please contact us.

This video shows how Knobbs Hardware make our wooden cupboard knobs. This particular one is going to be our cupboard knob “C” (…) and it’s dimensions are 50mm diameter, 50mm base and 34mm projection. We usually turn them in beech but one of our customers requested 14 of them in oak for his kitchen. I must mention that I was taught to turn by the previous owner of Knobbs Hardware who was self taught. My technique might not be quite what is taught at woodturning school, but our customers are happy with the result!