Posting out our orders

We recently renewed our business insurance and were told that if we export to the USA not only does this double the premium, but there is a £2,000 excess.  As you’d expect from a small firm this is not a cost that we want to pass onto our customers so with regret we won’t be able to post to the USA or Canada in the future.  If you are from these areas and wish to order then perhaps you can give us an address in the UK to send to for you to collect from if you are visiting.  We could of course send to a friend or family member in the UK who could take the parcel to you when visiting.

Small businesses

When you buy from a small business you’re not helping a CEO buy his third holiday home, you’re helping a little kid have dance lessons or get a team jersey and enabling mums and dads put food on the table. Small businesses are the backbone of the UK, please support us if you can. Thanks.

Bank holiday working

Just to let you know that we’re open as usual this bank holiday weekend.  If you get the weekend off do check out our shop and feel free to order when you’re ready.  Enjoy the break!

New woodstain shades

How exciting, we’ve just taken delivery of some new Protek Royal Exterior wood finish in 3 brand new shades – Flamingo Pink, Giddy Green and Passionate Plum.  You might know Protek for their wood preservers and fence products, but we tried their interior and exterior products on our cupboard knobs and they’re fabulous.  Not only do they go on really well using our spray gun, but they’re water based which fits in well here at Knobbs Hardware as we try to keep chemical use to a minimum.  After we’ve had a play we’ll show you some photos in the new shades.

Counting cupboard knobs

It so happens that counting cupboard knobs can be more difficult than first envisaged.  I’m not going to embarrass anyone or name names (although this does include me) customers often come back to us after ordering knobs for a kitchen to order one or two more.  I managed to miscount by 5 in my own kitchen which is pretty good going!  I don’t want to sound like I’m trying to get you to over order, but my suggestion is that you order one or two more to cover for this eventuality.  That way you’re not paying twice for postage and having a spare is no bad thing.  We’ve had several reports of dogs chewing cupboard knobs!

Seven years and still learning!

Today its 7 years since we took over the running of Knobbs Hardware. During that time we’ve learned a lot – mainly that we’ll probably never stop learning! Thank you to everyone who has ordered our door knobs and cupboard knobs since 2011, if we can help with your project please contact us.

Price cuts

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve been able to make some price cuts this year.  All our standard doorknobs with brass collars, brass roses or both have been reduced.  Also our oak shaker cupboard knobs have come down in price.  All these items are available to order through our on-line shop.

Knobbs Hardware Videos

Our first venture into the world of film!  To view the films go back to the news page, they are numbered 1-4.  We hope you enjoy them.  If you have any questions or comments please contact us.

This video shows how Knobbs Hardware make our wooden cupboard knobs. This particular one is going to be our cupboard knob “C” (…) and it’s dimensions are 50mm diameter, 50mm base and 34mm projection. We usually turn them in beech but one of our customers requested 14 of them in oak for his kitchen. I must mention that I was taught to turn by the previous owner of Knobbs Hardware who was self taught. My technique might not be quite what is taught at woodturning school, but our customers are happy with the result!