Knobbs Hardware Videos

Our first venture into the world of film!  To view the films go back to the news page, they are numbered 1-4.  We hope you enjoy them.  If you have any questions or comments please contact us.

This video shows how Knobbs Hardware make our wooden cupboard knobs. This particular one is going to be our cupboard knob “C” (…) and it’s dimensions are 50mm diameter, 50mm base and 34mm projection. We usually turn them in beech but one of our customers requested 14 of them in oak for his kitchen. I must mention that I was taught to turn by the previous owner of Knobbs Hardware who was self taught. My technique might not be quite what is taught at woodturning school, but our customers are happy with the result!

Dunsinane style door knobs in F&B “Railings”

This is one of our standard door knob styles called Dunsinane.  Over the last couple of years we’ve made lots of cupboard knobs and sprayed them with Farrow and Ball paints, but this order was for door knobs for a new build in a beautiful dark grey F&B shade called “Railings”.  These ones have just had their spindles glued in which requires 48 hours to cure fully.  There are more photos of these door knobs on our Facebook page at  Please contact us if we can make some for your home.


Oak Shaker Knobs

Our new oak shaker style cupboard knobs are now ready for take off!  We have three different sizes. P is 30mm, Q is 35mm and R is 40mm.  A real design classic they’ve been very popular so far. They’re NOT made by a CNC machine, but actually turned on a lathe using chisels by me (Angela). This requires skill and patience and means your new cupboard knobs will be truly unique, yet made to my very picky standards! No two pieces of oak are the same, but all have a beautiful grain giving character and interest.  We try and source our oak locally and currently have a large quantity sold to us by a carpenter friend when he retired.  Each of the knobs is fitted with an insert and we supply the bolts to go with them which makes for a very secure fixing, particularly useful on integrated kitchen appliances or heavy doors.  A final sanding and a polish with clear wax and they’re all ready to go.  They are now available in the shop or you can use the contact us form if you’d like to order some.  Alternatively give us a ring on 01437 532595 and we can take your order over the phone.



Price rise

Regrettably we are going to have to put up some of our prices this year. During the last 6 years we have kept our prices as competitive as possible but the price of rosewood has risen substantially, so there will be a £5.00 increase on our rosewood door knob sets. This will start on 6th April 2017 and is our only price rise this time.  Please bear in mind that we turn our door knobs ourselves, we don’t import or buy them in. Prices on all our other door knobs, cupboard knobs and escutcheons will remain the same.

Keyhole surrounds

We’ve been rummaging around in boxes in the workshop this week and uncovered these keyhole surrounds. They’re made in beech, 35mm dia and 2mm deep. They are available for home completion at the special price of £2.50 each with free postage. If you’d like some please let us know.